Estonia: the most advanced digital society

Estonia is a 99% digitalised country. The list of e-solutions that country has come up with over the past decades is long and fascinating. All of that contributed to the development of e-society, and within this article, e-business.

E-business and e-company are widely and fairly used terms when speaking about doing business in Estonia. Starting from the first steps made online and continuing to a company’s fully remote management, we may say that any business established in Estonia is e-business. Let’s consider the main distinctive attributes of the e-Estonian business environment.


We are starting with the most essential part of e-Estonia society — financial technology. FinTech intends to describe the evolving intersection of financial services and technology. Its primary purpose is to improve existing on the financial service market products and services.

By using modern technologies, applications, and software, FinTech products and services are helping companies manage their business’s financial aspects.

FinTech can be found almost everywhere: banking, management, retail, catering, hospitality, crypto industry and many others.

Gradually built unique environment of e-Estonia enhanced the rise of FinTech. The development of e-ID and blockchain makes it possible to use the financial technologies we are now using.

Estonian financial technology experts have over 20 years of greenfield development experience. They have experience in the establishment of a high-level functional financial system from scratch. FinTech products and services in Estonia are highly innovative combined with user-friendliness and simplicity.

Considering all of the above, it becomes clear that within the Estonian 99% digitalised society, most of the financial transactions occur digitally. Thus, most of the innovativeness is found within banking.

There a few globally successful startups:

  • Wise is an online bank/exchanger, which is also one of the four Estonian unicorns.
  • Monese is another popular mobile alternative to a traditional bank which turnover for the first quarter of 2021 amounted to 221,7K EUR.
  • Paxful is a P2P platform to make payments, transactions and send money using cryptocurrencies as a means of exchange.
  • Fortumo is a digital enablement platform for telco bundling, carrier billing and messaging in 80+ countries.

Estonian FinTech is the most advanced globally, and it continues to evolve, so far, containing more than 150 startups.


Proceeding with the consideration of innovative technologies, we present another figure reflecting the global success of e-Estonia — startups. By means of a joint effort of the government, financial services and IT specialists, the unique e-environment contributed to the current startup bloom.

The Estonian startup scene is enthusiastic and actively developing, welcoming new ambitious individuals to its community with its very favourable conditions.

The sustainability of the market and friendly regulations attracts both smart people and smart money. As Estonia is part of the European Union, entrepreneurs can take advantage of EU funding and banking. Estonian startups have enormous opportunities for raising capital.

A quick reminder that this country with its population of 1.3 million is home to 4 billion-dollar unicorns: Skype, TransferWise, Playtech, Bolt. You may also have heard of Monese, Pipedrive, and Skeleton Technologies — every Estonian startup has something unique to offer.

Talent pool

Another distinctive feature of e-Estonian society — talent pool filled up with different specialists. Yet, nothing is surprising — advanced technologies, favourable conditions, and business opportunities attract more and more foreign professionals.

Estonia, in its turn, seeks to attract highly qualified specialists from all over the world to strengthen the IT industry with skilled professionals and the economy with high-tech companies. As the IT sector is growing, more hands are needed.

Furthermore, the startup scene in Estonia is vibrant and constantly evolving, looking for investors and ways to develop; startups need creative and intelligent people to survive in such a lively environment.

For sure, the most demanded are experienced IT specialists who are motivated enough to contribute to e-Estonia development, and they are going to be rewarded accordingly.

Our team of Company in Estonia OÜ offers recruitment services — we can find proper professionals for your business to grow and develop.

e-Estonia has built an innovative digital society and has achieved international success as a global hub for enterprising. Its startup friendliness, internet freedom and vibrant entrepreneurial environment have attracted brilliant minds from around the globe, therefore, enhancing the country’s position on the global market as an e-country.

Whether you are an investor or intend to start a business — Company in Estonia OÜ is glad to offer its services.



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