Should you sell on Amazon or through your own website?

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When starting a business related to e-commerce, many e-resident entrepreneurs stumble upon a decision — that is, whether to start selling goods on Amazon or do it through their own online store. The previously published article explored the advantages of Amazon trading.

In this blog post, we introduce a more in-depth analysis of the benefits of using Amazon. …

Fintech is a rapidly evolving industry and attracts more and more entrepreneurs. Therefore, online banking has vast and promising potential. While traditional banking steps aside, businesses such as TransferWise, Paysera, Payoneer, Monese and Revolut are blooming.

E-money license in Estonia allows to set up a payment system and operate as a financial institution in Estonia.

Speaking of such businesses within Estonia, payment service providers need to obtain an operating e-money license to provide payment services. EMI license is acceptable across the EU, and once obtained, could be used in all states.

EMI license is issued by the Estonian Financial Supervision…

A financial institution license is an activity license for the provision of financial services. Similarly to crypto license, it is issued by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit. The activity license is given for an unlimited period.

Services provided under the license

An activity licence for the provision of financial services opens up the following opportunities for your company:

• Currency Exchange

• Provision of Advice to Clients

• Borrowing and Lending Operations

• Leasing Transactions

• Money Broking

• Guarantees and Commitments

• Savings and Loan Association

You must apply for a license if your company plans to operate as a non-bank financial institution.


International companies should be aware of taxation and laws in the countries of their activity.


• Corporate tax — 0% on retained profits

• 14–20% tax rate on distributed profits

• Distribution in the year 2021 is 20/80

Distributed profits are:

• corporate profits distributed in the tax period

• expenses not associated with business

• transferred assets

• donations

• Dividend tax — 25%

• VAT — 20%, if the company is VAT number holder — VAT is required when the turnover threshold reaches 40,000 EUR

According to 2021, the tax period is a month.

If the company has…

The legislation of the Estonian Republic provides the possibility for entrepreneurs to offer various financial and investment services to their clients and offer support services based on the state licence of the financing institution.

According to the Estonian Commercial Code, Estonian companies are entitled to carry out any financial activity not prohibited by law.

The Estonian State controls the activities of financial companies in two ways:

There is no single law on licensing financial companies in Estonia, so there is no unified procedure for obtaining activity licences or registering activity notifications.

Each ministry or agency that controls…

  • Creditinfo awarded Company in Estonia OÜ a certificate of successful Estonian company, which showed a significant turnover growth over the past year.
  • Every year the company attracts investments of several hundred foreign companies and individuals to Estonia.
  • The main clients of the consulting company are operating in IT, logistics, e-commerce and international trade.

Company in Estonia OÜ is celebrating its fifth birthday this year and is currently leading in consulting services in Estonia. The company’s turnover has more than doubled over the past year and will exceed half a million euros in 2021.

Creditinfo awarded the company the title of…

Estonia is a 99% digitalised country. The list of e-solutions that country has come up with over the past decades is long and fascinating. All of that contributed to the development of e-society, and within this article, e-business.

E-business and e-company are widely and fairly used terms when speaking about doing business in Estonia. Starting from the first steps made online and continuing to a company’s fully remote management, we may say that any business established in Estonia is e-business. Let’s consider the main distinctive attributes of the e-Estonian business environment.


We are starting with the most essential part of…

Estonia is internationally acknowledged as an e-country. A digital society built by Estonians has no equal in the world. The uniqueness of the Estonian digital ecosystem attracts more and more people every year. Entrepreneurs and professionals from around the globe come to Estonia to either invest and start a business or take advantage of the career opportunities that the Estonian market is happy to offer.

The actual ‘e-Estonia’ term refers to a movement started by the government to simplify the lives of the country’s citizens. …

It is common nowadays to buy someone else’s business and adapt it to preferable realities — let’s consider the facts and opportunities of obtaining a shelf business.

Estonia is gaining more and more popularity as the most favourable jurisdiction for starting a business, and that’s for specific reasons. ‘Friendly’ taxation and legislation attract people and are good enough motives to start a company in this North European county. Following up on the idea, we discover even more bonuses offered by the Estonian business sector. As we consider purchasing existing businesses, this blog article mainly explores the subsidiary advantages of having…

Are you planning to open a company in Estonia? Feel free to familiarise yourself with different forms of Estonian business.

In Estonia, a business establishment is not a big thing. This country is being 99% digitalised; therefore, the process of company formation and development is as simple as it could be.

Numerous advantages — favourable tax system, friendly environment, talent pool, fintech opportunities attract entrepreneurs from around the world, and thus they face a choice — to what legal entity to choose.

According to the Commercial Code, there are 6 forms of business in Estonia:

1. Limited Liability Partnership or…

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