Should you sell on Amazon or through your own website?

This is a guest post by Company in Estonia OÜ, a team of multilingual specialists experienced in company formation and developing businesses in Estonia. Company in Estonia OÜ is an authorised member of the e-Residency Marketplace.

When starting a business related to e-commerce, many e-resident entrepreneurs stumble upon a decision — that is, whether to start selling goods on Amazon or do it through their own online store. The previously published article explored the advantages of Amazon trading.

In this blog post, we introduce a more in-depth analysis of the benefits of using Amazon. …

It is common nowadays to buy someone else’s business and adapt it to preferable realities — let’s consider the facts and opportunities of obtaining a shelf business.

Estonia is gaining more and more popularity as the most favourable jurisdiction for starting a business, and that’s for specific reasons. ‘Friendly’ taxation and legislation attract people and are good enough motives to start a company in this North European county. Following up on the idea, we discover even more bonuses offered by the Estonian business sector. As we consider purchasing existing businesses, this blog article mainly explores the subsidiary advantages of having…

Are you planning to open a company in Estonia? Feel free to familiarise yourself with different forms of Estonian business.

In Estonia, a business establishment is not a big thing. This country is being 99% digitalised; therefore, the process of company formation and development is as simple as it could be.

Numerous advantages — favourable tax system, friendly environment, talent pool, fintech opportunities attract entrepreneurs from around the world, and thus they face a choice — to what legal entity to choose.

According to the Commercial Code, there are 6 forms of business in Estonia:

1. Limited Liability Partnership or…

Legal opinion is a written document that includes a detailed legal opinion on a particular issue or aspect of a customer’s company’s activity. Here’s what you need to know about this legal aspect.

First of all, we specify that legal opinion is in the interest of a business owner and facilitates to reduce the risk of violation of the Law during the implementation of the transaction/launch of the project and to understand the upcoming stages fully.

Moreover, it allows you to get an independent opinion of a Lawyer/Attorney on a non-standard issue and determine whether the planned legally significant actions…

Suppose you are a foreigner-businessman interested in investing in the Estonian market. In that case, you should familiarise yourself with local legal frameworks beforehand and know what kind of legal support you may need.

Establishing a company in Estonia enables entrepreneurs to take advantage of the country’s friendly business environment and develop any business hassle-free. Still, having a business means comply with legislation — Estonian legislation is not exempt. Therefore, as a non-citizen, no one can be exempt from legal obligations required by the law.

There is nothing to be pushed aside by; moreover, the law is intended to support…

Times we are going through now certainly bring doubts about whether it is worth starting a business now or waiting for better times.

In this blog article, considering it essential to uphold aspiring entrepreneurs, we focus on some advantages and opportunities Covid-19 brought to the entrepreneurship sector. In so doing, we did not mean to deny the damage the virus has caused.

The worldwide pandemic started in 2019, is now firmly established in the current world and has its influence over every aspect of human life. …

When doing business in Estonia, an entrepreneur undertakes to comply with local legal standards. Complying with Estonian legislation in every aspect enables a company to exist legally and avoid further legal issues.

Estonia is the most favourable jurisdiction for starting a business. Considering the opportunities Estonia provides for entrepreneurs, establishing a company is fast, convenient and affordable. However, company formation is still a legal procedure and involves several legal and business aspects that follow a company establishment and further company management.

We are well aware that not every entrepreneur is willing to deal with legal aspects on his own for…

Exploring Estonian business environment — starting a business in Estonia and its further development.

Estonia is a small country in Northern Europe that has built a digital society over a couple of decades. So far, the country with a population of less than 2 million is leading in the IT sector and is referred to as a 99% digitalised European country. Hence, unlimited tech opportunities have contributed to the fact that Estonia has drawn more and more attention as a prominent European entrepreneurial hub over the years. In our previous blog article, we covered the advantages of the Estonian business…

What you need to know if you have your income coming from the virtual currency in Estonia.

Cryptocurrency is a growing business, and whilst more and more people are investing in virtual currency, the government reacts by implementing new regulations.

Starting a crypto exchange — common way of investing in cryptocurrency in Estonia. Here the cryptocurrency is strictly regulated by the authorities. First of all, you need to obtain a license, open a banking account, and follow other legal procedures regarding crypto exchange/fund.

However, as we focus on an individual’s income, we need to consider the situation from a slightly…

Crypto business is not a traditional business, and it involves some legal nuances not inherent in any other type of business. Setting up banking for a virtual currency company is as straightforward as it could be with any different kind of e-business. In this blog article, we will break down the issue and offer a solution.

So far, only a few jurisdictions in the world provide a legal framework for cryptocurrency businesses. Estonia is a country where cryptocurrency is regulated strictly by law. …

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