10 most frequently asked question regarding accounting in Estonia

1. Why do I need to keep accounting for my company?

2. What companies need to submit accounting reports?

3. What is an annual report in Estonia?

4. Does every company need to submit an annual report?

5. What is the deadline for submitting an annual report in Estonia?

6. Does my company need a VAT number?

7. Do I need to register a company taxable if the turnover is less than 40,000 EUR?

8. Does my company need to be audited?

• Income/profit from sales — 4,000,000 EUR

• Total assets at the reporting date — 2,000,000 EUR

• Personnel of the company — 50 people

Or, if at least one of the following indicators is exceeded:

• Income/profit from sales — 12,000,000 EUR

• Total amount of assets at the reporting date — 6,000,000 EUR

• The number of personnel is 180 people

9. Do I have to pay taxes for employees outside Estonia?

10. What affects the cost of accounting services for the Estonian company?

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