Should you sell on Amazon or through your own website?

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When starting a business related to e-commerce, many e-resident entrepreneurs stumble upon a decision — that is, whether to start selling goods on Amazon or do it through their own online store. The previously published article explored the advantages of Amazon trading.

In this blog post, we introduce a more in-depth analysis of the benefits of using Amazon. …

1. Get an e-Resident card

You can enjoy the benefits of e-Residency once you have obtained your Estonian digital ID — e-Residence card.

All you need to do at that stage is to submit your application. The process takes place online and is indeed straightforward.

Applications form is available on the e-Residency official website:

The process

First and foremost, сompanies are obliged to register a VAT number in a case when sales in Estonia exceed 40,000 EUR from the beginning of the calendar year. If sales do not exceed 40,000 EUR in Estonia, VAT payers can be registered on a voluntary basis.

Please note that since exceeding the threshold of 40,000 EUR, you have three working…

Virtual office

Following the Estonian legislation, it is compulsory to have a legal address on the country’s territory to register a company. So that, if necessary, state institutions could send information letters to this particular address.

The main difference between a virtual address and a physical address is that a legal address is simply a registered address and a company mailbox. Let’s imagine your company needs a physical/real office with further receipt of invoices in the name of a company or a company…

Cryptocurrency regulations in Estonia are strict enough, and thereby the country is one of the most favourable places to trade Bitcoin in the world. Estonian government took responsibility and made cryptocurrency a completely legal and safe way to make transactions. Moreover, in Estonia, crypto businesses are actively stimulated by the government authorities.

Estonia is 99% digitalised, thereby offering unlimited opportunities to entrepreneurs. The favourable tax system, innovative e-Residency programme, fintech opportunities, advanced business ecosystem…

Company in Estonia OÜ is a team of specialists who will help you open and develop a business in Estonia. The company was established in 2016, and since then, we serve our mission to make a positive contribution to the Estonian business market. In that way, the team of Company in Estonia OÜ is qualified to provide a wide range of company formation services.

In addition to establishing companies, bookkeeping services, legal services and assistance with crypto license, we offer our clients assistance in renting or buying real estate, creating and promoting a website in Estonian, searching for potential customers

This article was firstly published on our website.

Cryptocurrency turnover tax

Cryptocurrency transactions are not subject to turnover tax. On October 22, 2015, the European Court determined (case C-264/14) that Article 135 (1), par. 1, Turnover Tax of the Directive should be interpreted in such a way that the exchange of a virtual currency for conventional money and vice versa and (fiat) currency exchange services are tax-free.


In the case of virtual currency, the income may be taxable in the following circumstances:

  • virtual currency price changes when buying and selling/exchanging virtual currency

Existing companies are indeed advantageous to buy. Since they have already existed on the market for some time, ready-made companies are suitable investments. Before purchasing an Estonian company, every entrepreneur needs to be aware of nuances and familiarise himself with the company’s background to make sure everything required has been completed.

We want to cover these aspects along…

An alternative investment fund is a legal entity or a pool of assets that includes the capital of several investors for the purpose of investing it in accordance with a specific investment policy of the fund in the interests of the respective investors and their common interests.

The fund must have a Fund Manager. The Investment Funds Act regulates the creation, establishment, and management of investment funds.

The basics

Let’s look at the cryptocurrency fund structure.

So, crypto…

This article was firstly published in our blog.

The main purpose of the e-Residency program is to make life and business easier for freelancers, business owners, and international partners, as well as any other non-residents who are related to Estonia. E-Residency in Estonia makes it possible to start a business, expand your business, make investments or study in the European Union.

The concept

Electronic residency is a state-issued digital…

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